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Customer offboarding policy

In the event that a customer no longer wishes to work with Axiom IT, we must be notified in writing. Upon mutual agreement by both parties, Axiom IT will work with an appointed point of contact to provide information required to take over the operation of existing systems which are managed by Axiom IT, where possible. Two weeks notice is required to ensure availability of resources.

To assist you with the transfer of services and information, Axiom IT will provide as much information as we can to facilitate the transfer. This includes handover of documentation, credentials and working with the new supplier to ensure a seamless handover. Documentation which contains intellectual property belonging to Axiom IT is not transferrable unless approved at our own discretion.

In some cases, third party services are not able to be transferred. Where this is applicable, we shall notify you in writing.

All time spent on the transfer is deemed billable and must be paid for in advance prior to any handover commencing. We require the customer pre-pay for 10 hours of project work at our standard rate. Any leftover hours will be refunded once handover is complete. Handover will not commence until payment has been received.