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Phone Feature Codes & Voicemail

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If your phone system is managed by Axiom IT, you will have the following feature codes available to you which will provide some additional functionality or ease of use, and access to the voicemail system.

This applies to both physical desktop phones as well as software phone solutions such as Bria Stretto.






Update Call-Forward

*56  Updates the number the calls will be forwarded to


Enable Call-Forward

Switches on Call Forwarding


Disable Call-Forward

Switches off Call Forwarding


Toggle Call-Forward

Toggle Call Forwarding between off and on again.



Enable Hot Desking

Switches Hot Desking on


Disable Hot Desking

Switches Hot Desking off


Toggle Hot Desking

Toggles Hot Desking between off and on again.

Voicemail & Public Address / Intercom


Direct to a colleagues Voicemail

**109 to leave a Voicemail on extension 109


Intercom / PA Speaker

*0 109  to use the speaker phone as an intercom on extension 109


Privacy / Anonymous – Drop Caller ID

*67 04XX XXX XXX  to make an anonymous call to 04XX XXX XXX


Check a Voicemail box ^

*97 [any extension] Takes you to that person’s mailbox (will need their pin)


Check own Voicemail (auto login)

Check your own voicemail and the system only asks for your pin.

Call Parking


Park Bay 1

Parks a call or retrieves a call from the parking bay 1


Park Bay 2

Parks a call or retrieves a call from the parking bay 2


Park Bay 3

Parks a call or retrieves a call from the parking bay 3


  • On first use of your voicemail system, it will ask you to set it up. Just follow the voice prompts to complete this process.
  • Your own extension will be displayed on your own phone below the time and date if you have a desktop phone.
  • ^ If you dial your own extension, you will be taken to your own voicemail box.
  • If using a Software phone such as Bria, you will need to save the Park Bay numbers.