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Sending mail from websites using Office 365 email accounts

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As of November 2017, Microsoft have implemented security amendments to their spam filtering service which causes a large number emails sent from third party applications and websites to be received as junk/spam emails.

Prior to these changes, configuration could be made on both websites and in the DNS records to ensure mail sent from third parties using Office 365 email addresses would then be delivered without the need for a license. This is no longer the case.

As a result, clients who use Microsoft Office 365 mail and who also need to send mail from a website or a line of business application will need to use a licensed Microsoft Office 365 account to do so.   This will ensure that all mail is delivered correctly and not marked as spam when being sent to other Office 365 users.

In addition to this, when updating website forms please ensure that the same “from” being used is the same as the “from” address in the Office 365 account you have elected to use.

The basic cost of a license that will be needed is approx. $6 per month and is called an “Exchange Online Plan 1 License”.

Below are some instructions on how to configure common form plugins for a WordPress site.  The same settings can be used for other mail based applications as well.

1.The “from” address must always match the account being in Office 365:


2.The type of email account is Office 365, often you may need to choose “other” has shown below:


3.Populate the SMTP settings as listed below. Ensure the username and password match those of your office 365 account: