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Office 365 Support & Services Melbourne


Do you need support for Office 365? We can help!

As one of Australia’s leading Office 365 consultants, Axiom IT are here to assist your business with Office 365. We provide a full range of services to ensure your business gets access to support when you need it from our locally based team of Office 365 Experts.

Office 365 Support Services

New Employee Setup

Setup a new employee on Office 365. Create an email address and assist to configure Outlook, OneDrive, and Lync if required.

Configure Mobile / Tablet

Setup a mobile / tablet device to work with Office 365.

Computer Setup

Setup a desktop / laptop computer to work with Office 365. (PC or MAC)

Remove Employee

Remove an employee’s access to Office 365. Typically when an employee leaves.

Password Reset

Reset an Office 365 User’s password.

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How much does Office 365 Support cost?

Office 365 Support is provided as an affordable, pay-per-use service with no on-going monthly fees. Support calls are billed at our standard hourly rate, in 15 minute increments, with a minimum charge of 15 minutes. The majority of support incidents can be resolved in under 15 minutes.

Why Axiom IT for Office 365 Support in Melbourne?

Axiom IT have partnered with Microsoft and Telstra to ensure we deliver the highest level of support. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable technicians will troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly to keep your business moving.

More services offered by Axiom IT

Move your existing emails, calendars and contacts to Office 365.

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Assistance for all business IT problems. Call 1300 991 992.

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