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First National Real Estate Lindellas

About the business

Established in 2010, First National Lindellas is an award winning Real Estate business located in Box Hill.

Business Needs

When Axiom IT met with Lindellas their business was still in the planning stage. Partners Dennis Dellas and Eric Lin understood that IT would play an important role in their business strategy, but had limited IT knowledge. They were seeking knowledgeable, trustworthy advice.

Lindellas required a network that could initially support 9 staff members by providing email, word processing, document sharing and internet access. The network also required a server to run REST Professional, their primary line-of-business application, as well as a centralised location to store documents.

Access to email, calendars and contacts from outside the office on laptops and mobile devices was an essential requirement for partners and sales staff.

The final requirement – on-going support and maintenance.


We supplied and installed the network, workstations and server.
Liased with the phone technician to facilitate his requirements on the network.
Delivered a cost effective solution within their budget that allowed for upgrades in the future. This meant a lower upfront investment for the startup business, with flexibility to grow if needed.
Axiom IT took care of the entire roll-out. Dennis and Eric could focus on other important aspects of starting a new business without having to worry about IT.


The Lindellas network is built on industry leading HP hardware which provides a high level of reliability. Configuration follows best practices.
The network is proactively monitored and maintained and support is available when required for a fixed monthly fee.
As Lindellas’ IT partner, Axiom IT provide regular consulting, hardware & software procurement and a direct line to technical support. We also
New staff members – Lindellas call us and we create the user, configure an email account and assist them with configuring email on their smartphone.

Direct line to technician.

Proven, reliable solution. Zero unplanned downtime in 3 years.

  • Client: First National Lindellas
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Network Users: 15
  • Solution(s): AxiomCOMPLETE – Managed IT Services



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