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iAscend Tafe

iAscend Polytechnic is a leading Registered Training Organisation with 2 training facilities in Melbourne CBD.

Becoming frustrated with unresponsive support, poorly managed maintenance and constant IT headaches, Director Rohan Cresp engaged Axiom IT to improve the situation.

Backed by experience and a fresh approach, Axiom IT were able to quickly assess the organisation’s needs and tailor a cost effective solution to the on-going IT problems.

Reduced Hardware, Cloud Solutions and Discounted Academic Licensing add up to BIG Savings

Axiom IT immediately identified a number of opportunities for iAscend to reduce costs and improve performance.

As a Registered Training Provider, iAscend qualify for Microsoft’s Academic Volume Licensing offering substantially discounted, and in some cases, free software and online services. Where the previous IT Company had failed to recognise and implement, Axiom IT quickly delivered.

Implementing a hybrid cloud approach combined with Axiom IT’s cloud expertise, iAscend’s dated email server was seamlessly migrated to Microsoft’s Office 365 Exchange Online.

By shifting email services to Office 365, Axiom IT were able to consolidate the local infrastructure down to just one mid-range server, saving thousands of dollars in hardware, labour and maintenance costs.

Responsive Fixed Cost Support, Maintenance and easy access to IT experts

iAscend staff have full access to Axiom IT’s helpdesk, including remote and on-site support, for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

Servers, workstations and network infrastructure are monitored, protected and regularly maintained by Axiom IT’s team of highly trained technicians. Monthly reports keep iAscend staff up-to-date and aware of any potential issues.

Growing Together

When iAscend launched a second training facility in 2014, Axiom IT were with them every step of the way. Ensuring the new premises had adequate network infrastructure, internet connectivity, workstations, printers and access to the head office network meant staff were free to focus important tasks without worrying about IT.

The strong working relationship between Axiom IT and iAscend allows them to utilise technology in new ways, bringing opportunity and an ability to grow and adapt easily. Strategic advice is always available, giving iAscend a competitive edge.

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