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Do I need to renew my Domain Name?

Do I need to renew my Domain Name?

I’ve been receiving emails from our clients curious about requests from Domain Name Providers to renew their domain name. A lot of people still don’t understand what this means, so here is a quick explanation.

An internet domain name is a series of alpha-numeric strings separated by periods, such as “www.google.com”. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and for addressing purposes. In general, a domain name represents an Internet resource, such as a server computer hosting a website and/or email services.

Your domain name is critical to your business. If you have a website or use email systems which are hosted on your domain, ie: www.mycompany.com.au or [email protected] then make sure you do not ignore those renewal notices. If you do forget to renew, these services will stop working. Even if you do manage to renew your domain right after you notice the services have stopped, it will take time for the service to be restored due to the nature of the internet.

The University of Queensland recently had their uq.edu.au domain drop out of registration earlier this month. It affected services across the whole campus including staff and student email, internet connectivity and shared student services. Fortunately their IT staff caught the issue and were able to renew the domain before anyone else could. Unlike the unfortunate conservative Family First political party in New Zealand, who forgot to renew their domain and lost it to a Pro-Gay Marriage Group.

So please, do not ignore those pesky Domain Name renewal notices, they are actually important.

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