Email is the new fax machine 

That’s why using it to stay on top of your work is highly stressful. 


This webinar is for you if you want to learn how to streamline, simplify and organise communication in your business and reap the benefits of productivity, efficiency and profit.

Effective communication can be hard.

Have you ever been copied on a seemingly endless email chain? Only to find it had nothing to do with you? Ever have entire hours, mornings or days where you feel like all you do is check your inbox and reply to emails?

If those scenarios sound familiar to you, then you know exactly what to avoid if you want a Modern Workplace. And that’s a good place to start. 

“The Future of Work” Webinar Series

Part One: Communication In a Modern Workplace

One of the main tenets of a Modern Workplace is streamlining, simplifying and organising communication. We can all agree that wading through 72 emails every morning, just to see if there’s an action item for you, is NOT streamlined, simple or organised communication.  


Email is the new fax machine.


It sounds funny, but it’s true. Everyone now has a smartphone in their pocket that takes better quality images faster than a fax machine. There’s no denying it’s a better solution – a smartphone is the definition of portable, is simple to use, and offers hundreds of other functions. 

It’s the same with email.  


Email first made its way into the workplace in the 90s…that’s over 20 years ago! In technology years, that’s prehistoric. Yet somehow we still rely on it to get our jobs done. The thing is, email was not designed to meet the needs of today’s modern work environment, and it certainly wasn’t intended to be used as a collaboration tool.


That’s why using email to stay on top of your work is highly stressful.


In our personal lives, we’ve transformed the way we communicate to make use of messaging and social media apps which allow us to interact efficiently without even using words (think images, videos, memes, gifs and emojis). These tools offer more than a quick exchange. They allow for self-expression, community and collaboration that email just doesn’t offer. 

Most of us know these modern communication tools exist, yet when we step into the office, we continue to work away on dated technologies like email to manage our work responsibilities. It just doesn’t make sense! So why haven’t we moved forward from antiquated email technology to using clever communication tools in the workplace? Because no one has shown us how. And that’s what we’ll teach you in this webinar.

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