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7 Windows Shortcuts to Improve Productivity

7 Windows Shortcuts to Improve Productivity

Everyday, I see clients using their computers and not realising how much time they could save doing simple, common tasks. So I have compiled a list of the best keyboard shortcuts that will make using your Windows 7 computer much more efficient.


Aero Snap

Snaps the active window to the left or the right side of the screen letting you tiles 2 windows side by side. Now you can easily read off one while working on the other.

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Minimise or Maximise Window

Minimises or maximises the active window. Rather than reaching for the mouse, you can quickly maximise or hide your active window with this simple key press.


Open Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is a file manager that allows you to navigate, organise and edit your files.

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Zoom In or Out

Opens the windows magnifier and zooms in and out so you can get a better look at things.


Show Desktop

Minimises all open windows so you can quickly access that shortcut you have on the desktop.


Show Extended Options Menu

If you hold down the shift key while right clicking the mouse on anything, you’ll bring up an extended options menu.

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Open Task Manager

Opens up Windows Task Manager, a program to help you manage whats currently running on your computer.

Why don’t you give them a try now. They may just make your computing life that little bit easier.


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